For Affiliates

This is a one-year pilot for Calendar Year 2018 (starting 1/12/18). Unfortunately, we are unable to have visitors / guests charge their EVs at the Lab.

Building 50F ChargePoint Station
If you are an LBNL affiliate interested in Charging your EV, the Berkeley Lab main campus has two pay-per-usage Level 2 Electric Vehicle charging circuits available.
To use, you must:
  1. Be a Lab Affiliate or Employee with an LBNL account
  2. Contact to access the B50F Google Calendars.
  3. Make a Reservation in advance, in blocks of 2 hours max
  4. Have and display a valid Lab Parking pass or permit
  5. Display your Name & Contact info legibly on your dashboard
  6. Have and use a ChargePoint card and account
  7. Use the spot you reserved
  8. Move your Car at the end of your reservation
  9. Pay for your reservation/usage through ChargePoint

Please note:
  • All other charging locations are restricted to Lab employees with an EV Permit.

  • See Map at right or on the Interactive Lab Map.
  • Enter through the main Blackberry Gate, then turn right onto Perlmutter Road.
  • The charging circuits will be located on your left, on the outside wall of the second garage (B50F). The parking spaces are marked with signs and paint.
  • The two circuits are labeled left-to-right, as listed on the map to the right.

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