EV Charging
@ Berkeley Lab

To Charge Your EV at the Lab

These are required at all times, even if parking enforcement is suspended


Employees may use any Employee EV station by signing up and following the guidance. Sign up>

Affiliates may use the Xeal stations by signing up and following the guidance for Xeal stations below.

Visitors & Guests are not authorized to use EV stations due to the complexity of requirements.

Xeal Level 2 charging stations are open to Employees and Affiliates who have obtained a charging permit/permissions. You must also sign up for Xeal (use your lbl.gov email and provide a payment method), and follow the EV program guidance

Xeal stations are identified in the Station List, and have the hardware shown in the picture.

Properly Tap your NFC-enabled phone to start AND end your session. A 5-digit access code is not required at this time. If you are prompted to enter one, please ensure you have established a payment method (e.g., credit card) for Xeal.

You will be charged for usage through Xeal.

Technical issues? Call: (800) 484-4515 

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